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Dec. 20, 2010
New AGILITYGUARD family of precision-fit, performance-enhancing mouthguards for athletes, sportsmen, and fitness enthusiasts to debut.

LOS ANGELES, California--Space Maintainers Laboratories, an Appliance Therapy Group company, has announced the formation of a strategic partnership with Triumphant Athletics Group.

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The partnership is for the purpose of manufacturing TAG's new AGILITYGUARD ( family of precision-fit, performance-enhancing mouth guards for athletes, sportsmen, and fitness enthusiasts.

Designed by Dr. Clayton Chan, an acknowledged authority on neuromuscular occlusion and its application in clinical dentistry and founder of the CHAN OPTIMIZED BITE, and Dr. Joseph Andary, consultant to a client base of professional, world champion, and Olympic athletes, AgilityGuard provides natural sports performance enhancement to a range of amateur and competitive athletes who desire to take training and game performance to a higher level.

Based on the scientific principles and optimal alignment techniques developed by Dr. Chan, the AgilityGuard is custom fit to meet an individual’s unique “optimal alignment signature,” a jaw position that helps to unlock true athletic potential.

Once the optimized position is pinpointed, AGILITYGUARD-certified dentists conduct a range of on-the-spot performance tests (agility, balance, strength, range of motion) that allow the patient to measure his or her personal athletic performance improvement. This takes the “Is it right for me?” guesswork out of the equation.

Commenting on the new cooperative venture, Space Maintainers President, John Christian, said: “We are pleased and proud to partner with AgilityGuard in the long overdue, much anticipated debut of this groundbreaking technology--the best performance mouthguard on the market, offered at the best price. AgilityGuard is an advancement whose time has come."

Space Maintainers Laboratories, the appliance manufacturing arm of the Appliance Therapy Group, specializes in the design and construction of every appliances-- final retainers, fixed appliances, bruxism and TMD splints, functional appliances, mouthguards, snoring and OSA appliances, as well as treatment/temporary partials and study models.

Dentists interested in providing the AgilityGuard for patients can request an introductory kit by calling (800) 423-3270.

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