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Pulpdent Tuff Glaze

Oct. 5, 2010
Product is designed to glaze and protect provisional crowns and bridges.
WATERTOWN, Massachusetts--Pulpdent has introduced Tuff-Temp Provisional Glaze, which is designed to glaze and protect provisional crowns and bridges. The glaze improves esthetics and increases resistance to surface wear and staining. Tuff-Temp Provisional Glaze can be cured with all lights, and is part of the new Tuff-Temp Provisional Veneer Crown & Bridge Resin system.Tuff-Temp Provisional Veneer Crown & Bridge Resin is a new rubberized-urethane provisional material available only from Pulpdent. Tuff-Temp's rubberized-urethane chemistry provides greater strength and dimensional stability, and a tighter-fitting provisional restoration than bisacrylics and acrylics. With Pulpdent Tuff-Temp Resin, temporaries are tough, impact-resistant, and grip the teeth. Chipping, breaking, debonding, and recementations are minimized or eliminated. Tuff-Temp is designed to grind and powder, producing crisp and accurate margins that do not soften or distort. It does not gum up or clog finishing instruments. A fast application of Tuff-Temp Provisional Glaze provides enhanced esthetics and patient satisfaction during temporization. For more information call (800) 343-4342 or visit read more about Pulpdent, go to Pulpdent.To comment on this product, go to