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3M ESPE color coding shade selection

Oct. 20, 2010
3M ESPE offers capsules color coded by opacity, to make it easier for dentists to select the right shade at a glance.
ST. PAUL, Minnesota--In fast-paced dental operatories, the simplicity of a product is of vital importance. With the introduction of Filtek Supreme Ultra Universal Restorative, 3M ESPE has given dentists a simple and easy-to-use material for creating natural-looking restorations. The product’s capsules are color-coded by opacity, simplifying the shading system to help make it easier for dentists to select the right shade at a glance. Based on customer feedback, 3M ESPE has brought convenience to a material dentists use every day. Additionally, the product labels have bold lettering to make them easier to read. To ease the process further, a 3M ESPE Shade Selector Wheel is included with Dual-Shade Kits and Master’s Kits of Filtek Supreme Ultra restorative These kits help serve as a guide for dentists placing one to four shades of composite. Filtek Supreme Ultra universal restorative is the latest introduction in the Filtek line of restoratives. The next generation brings an expanded range of body shades and improved handling of translucent shades, as well as increased fluorescence and better polish retention with dentin, enamel, and body opacities. A composite system that incorporates nanotechnology, the Filtek Supreme line has gained a strong following in the past eight years for its ability to provide the polish and polish retention of a microfill while maintaining the strength and wear properties of a modern hybrid. “We understand that time is of the essence in a dental office, and we listened to dentists and their assistants to learn how to make our capsules even easier to use,” said Rob Gochoel, U.S. restorative marketing manager. “With this new color-coding system, Filtek Supreme Ultra universal restorative helps dentists quickly and easily select the right product, maximizing their efficiency.”For more information, visit or call (800) 634-2249.To read more about 3M ESPE, go to 3M ESPE.To comment on this product, go to