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Dentium USA introduces the DASK

July 2, 2010
DASK enables easy, reliable access to maxillary sinus cavity.
CYPRESS, California--Dentium USA, a manufacturer of dental products developed by clinicians for clinicians, has introduced a sinus elevation kit called DASK (Dentium Advanced Sinus Kit).The it is a new surgical approach for a simplified and conservative technique for a reliable sinus lift procedure. Instruments in the new DASK kit provide straightforward exposure to the sinus cavity aimed to reduce chairtime and decrease post-surgery discomfort for patients. Dental professionals can perform safe and reliable crestal and lateral approaches with the all-inclusive DASK. Dr. Jaime L. Lozada, a practicing prosthodontics specialist located in Loma Linda, Calif., has put DASK to the test. “One DASK kit conveniently enabled both crestal and lateral approaches for all of my procedures,” remarked Dr. Lozada. “I was pleasantly surprised that the DASK is compatible with all my implant handpieces, and the diamond coated bur is like added security that prevents sinus perforation. I particularly enjoyed the cooling effect of the internal irrigation, and the gentle hydraulic pressure provided a nice extra lift during procedures.” Dentium’s advanced DASK includes a variety of drills for crestal and lateral approach, predefined stoppers, sinus elevation instruments, osteotome inserts, and Dentium’s own OSTEON Sinus & Lifting material. The DASK helps dental professionals to perform a well-controlled maxillary sinus augmentation with the necessary components readily accessible in one kit. The DASK’s diamond-coated burs were designed to help prevent sinus perforation and provide an optimal irrigation function. The internal irrigation not only has a cooling effect, it also adds hydraulic pressure. This slightly lifts the sinus during the procedure. Drill speeds for DASK drills range from 800 to 1,200 rpm, and 30 to with the irrigation process. The DASK includes six implant drill bits (three drills for crestal approach and three for lateral), four screw-on stoppers, four sinus elevation instruments, and five osteotome inserts. Dentium’s OSTEON Sinus & Lifting package includes two sinus bone substitute materials for the sinus and lifting kits. Each contains different particle size compositions for simple and fast bone grafting. The DASK was designed to be a universal kit, and can be used as a precursor to implants. For more information on the DASK, call (877) 304-6752, send an e-mail to [email protected], or log on to read more about implants, go to implants.To comment on this product, go to