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Sprig Oral Health Technologies launches biocompatible MTA and retraction pellets for pediatric dentistry

Sept. 12, 2017
A biocompatible mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and biocompatible retraction pellets are now available from Sprig Oral Health Technologies, a dental manufacturer that produces pediatric zirconia crowns.
A BIOCOMPATIBLE MINERAL TRIOXIDE AGGREGATE (MTA) AND BIOCOMPATIBLE RETRACTION PELLETS are now available from Sprig Oral Health Technologies, a dental manufacturer that produces pediatric zirconia crowns.

The new productsSmartMTA and HemeRxare designed to provide young patients with reliable, biocompatible dental comfort for years after their use.

“For Sprig, the health of patients using our product is paramount, which is why we are constantly innovating to create the best biocompatible products on the market,” said Sprig CEO Brenda Hansen. “We are excited to unveil our SmartMTA and HemeRx because we feel both products add a level of ease and comfort to pediatric dental procedures that patients deserve.”


Sprig’s SmartMTA sets in two and a half minutes, saving valuable chair time and reducing material costs. The fast set time allows for placement and final restoration in the same visit without the need for the second step of a liner.

“Many parents and dentists are becoming increasingly concerned with the use of toxic chemicals like formocresol, which is genotoxic and a known carcinogen that is still used in pulpotomies today. SmartMTA gives dentists and parents a smarter choice for children since it is made entirely from nontoxic materials designed to regenerate teeth back to health,” said Sprig cofounder John Hansen, DDS.

SmartMTA is a nonstaining MTA. Other brands may contain iron and bismuth oxide, which improve radiopacity but can stain over time. SmartMTA’s calcium zirconium aluminate formula is inherently radiopaque, so potentially staining additives aren't needed.


Sprig’s HemeRx retraction pellets deliver hemostasis management for pediatric restorative procedures without leaving the notoriously unpleasant taste in children’s mouths. The HemeRx pellets contain 0.55 mg of racemic epinephrine to deliver fast and profound hemostasis and gingival retraction. Unlike ferric sulfate and aluminum chloride products, HemeRx won’t stain composite or zirconia crowns and doesn’t run immediately on placement.

“Hemostasis is crucial for the longevity of our zirconia and strip crowns, and our HemeRx offers simple hemostasis management with no risk of contamination for today’s adhesive and bioregenerative procedures,” said Sprig cofounder Jeffrey Fisher, DDS. “In developing both of these products, we have taken the needs of patients, parents, dentists, and the environment into consideration and are extremely proud of the results.”

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