Heraeus expands Mondial, Artic tooth lines

March 4, 2008
Dental esthetic company reaffirms role its products play in transforming patient and provider experience.

ARMONK, New York--Heraeus Kulzer, Inc., ihas announced extensions to two of its tooth lines: Mondial and Artic.

The company hopes the tooth lines will provide a wider arrange of choices and better outcomes for patient care.

"The expansions reaffirm Heraeus' continued dedication to transforming both the patient and provider experience," explained Christopher Holden, president of Heraeus Kulzer.

The Mondial tooth line expands to include a 10-degree posterior angulation. The Mondial with NanoPearls tooth line was designed for patients who desire a dental prosthesis, but are concerned about keeping a natural-looking smile.

Mondial brings the latest advances in dental prosthetic technology and sets the standard for natural esthetics with the most lifelike natural anatomy and morphology.

"Mondial is stronger and has a proven 50 percent better abrasion resistance than conventional denture teeth that allows for a significantly longer lifespan," explained Javid Tokhi, Product Manager. Using the latest in CAD/CAM technology, Mondial increases the efficiency of denture setup through its precision and dimensional stability. It is available in 16 shades--A-1 to D-4--and two bleach shades, BL1 and BL2.

The Artic tooth line expands to include a 30-degree posterior angulation. The line also includes 0-degree, 10-degree and 20-degree posteriors.

Artic is an affordable tooth line in its category.

"Never before has an economy tooth displayed the natural color and performance of Artic," sayid Tokhi. The Artic line is available in most moulds and all shades from A1 through D4.

Artic is made using a patented injection compression manufacturing process that produces a dense, hard material that makes voids nonexistent.

"That end result is an extremely clean and superior finish," added Tokhi.

For a mould guide or more information on the Mondial and Artic tooth lines, call (800) 431-1785 or visit Heraeus Kulzer.

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