Glamsmile Veneers can be replaced over existing crowns

March 11, 2008
Veneers provide a smile makeover with no removal of tooth structure, no pain, anesthesia or high cost in two dental visits.

The last decade has seen an explosion of products and procedures designed to create a more youthful appearance. Face lifts, Botox, Restylane and laser tooth whitening all offer impressive results but none are permanent and all come with their share of discomfort.

Thanks to proprietary GlamSmile technology, severely stained, misshapen, chipped, misaligned and discolored teeth can be permanently and painlessly transformed to create sparkling smiles at an affordable price.

Hawthorne, N.J., dentist Dr. Jonathan Abenaim is one of the first in the tri-state area to offer this new modality to his patients.

As Dr. Abenaim explained, "Unlike traditional veneers, GlamSmile Veneers do not require the reduction or grinding down of healthy tooth structure, which means that there is no sensitivity or pain and therefore no anesthesia necessary for the procedure. In addition, the entire GlamSmile Veneer placement procedure is complete in only two, one-hour dental office visits."

In most cases, GlamSmile Veneers provide instant teeth straightening, reshaping and permanent whitening--even unsightly tetracycline stains are no longer a problem--and GlamSmile Veneers can even be placed over existing crowns to help rejuvenate aging dental work.

Because each person's smile is uniquely his or her own, GlamSmile Veneers are specially designed to complement a patient's features taking clues from his or her existing smile and other facial characteristics. GlamSmile Veneers are individually created and completely unique to each patient, no two smiles are alike.

Until now, traditional veneers have been expensive for the average person's budget. GlamSmile offers a smile redesign for approximately one-third of the cost of traditional veneers. GlamSmile costs approximately $3,500 for the treatment.

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