Tom's of Maine introduces a patent-pending new formula

March 20, 2008
Company launches natural clean and gentle care plus sensitive care toothpastes.

KENNEBUNK, Maine--Tom's of Maine, a leader in natural oral and body care, has announced a patent-pending formula in its new Natural Clean & Gentle Care plus Natural Sensitive Care toothpastes.

Tom Chappell, co-founder & CEO of Tom's of Maine, said, "Tom's of Maine is always looking for new ways to work in nature and use the best it has to offer to create great, effective products. Whenever we make a discovery we measure it against our Stewardship Model, which sets our standards for natural, sustainable, and responsible. The Tom's research team has discovered that the natural ingredient glycyrrhizin, from purified licorice root, creates a natural foaming experience for dispersing ingredients in the mouth. Glycyrrhizin needs no additional processing and is gentle on gums--(this is) great news for those looking for a gentle brushing experience!"

Tom's of Maine's new Clean & Gentle Care offers a variety of benefits:

* Soothing brushing experience: Addition of xylitol (from birch trees or corn), gentle glycerin, and organic aloe for their soothing properties.

* Mild natural flavor: Delicious natural flavor oils leave the mouth feeling clean and fresh.

* Sensitive to the planet: Use of recycled and recyclable packaging while investing in wind energy to power the factory.

* SLS-free: The foaming properties of glycyrrhizin replace the need for SLS (which may, for some people, occasionally be irritating) or an SLS alternative.

In addition to these benefits, Tom's of Maine's new Sensitive Care offers:

* Reduced sensitivity:We use clinically proven potassium nitrate, a naturally occurring mineral, to reduce sensitivity in teeth.

The following new Tom's of Maine products are now available in stores or online:

* Natural Clean & Gentle Care Anticavity plus Whitening SLS-free Fluoride toothpaste--available in Peppermint and Fennel

*Natural Clean & Gentle Care Anticavity plus Dry Mouth Soother SLS-free Fluoride toothpaste--available in Apricot and Lemon-Lime

*Natural Clean & Gentle Care Antiplaque plus Whitening SLS-free Fluoride-Free toothpaste--available in Cinnamon-Clove and Spearmint

*Sensitive Care Antiplaque SLS-free toothpaste--available in Wintermint and Tom's newest flavor, Black Currant

For more information, go to Tom's of Maine.

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