Vacuum mixer machine introduced

Jan. 3, 2008
Mixer offers a mixing solution for dental stones, investments, and duplication silicones.

EATONTOWN, New Jersey--Zhermack Inc., a leading producer of impression materials for dental clinicians and high-tech solutions for dental laboratories, has announced the introduction of its new vacuum mixer machine--Elite Mix.

Elite Mix offers a plethora of features in a small and compact design. The mixer is versatile and offers a mixing solution for dental stones, investments, and duplication silicones. Elite Mix offers 10 customizable programs, five of which are preset based on the characteristics of Zhermack's line of dental stones.

In addition to these customizations, Elite mix also offers flexibility by allowing the user to individually set each parameter such as mixing time and speed, pre-mixing time, prevacuum time, and interval of inversion of the rotation direction.

Elite Mix offers incredible features and a sleek design, all while maintaining a remarkable level of quality and ease of use. Elite Mix's electronically controlled vacuum system guarantees constant quality of the mixture and a quieter operation.

The spacious 25-character LCS display associated with the encoder knob enables quick and intuitive use. A series of visual and auditory signals alerts the operator when mixing is completed.

Reliability and safety were also in mind when the Elite Mix was designed. The dust-free magnetic sensor detects the presence of the bowl and guarantees the maximum reliability even in the presence of processing residues. The oil-free vacuum pump does not require any maintenance.

Elite Mix's safety system protects the operator and his/her work in the event of a power cut, making it possible to remove the bowl manually with gradual release of the vacuum.

Elite Mix can be wall or bench-mounted (with appropriate stand) and is available with a 200ml, 500ml, or 1000ml blade and mixing bowl.

For more information about Zhermack and its products, call (877) 819-6206 or visit Zhermack.