Company unveils product lineup for 2008

Jan. 24, 2008
SciCan releases new products in 50th year of operation.

CANONSBURG, Pennsylvania--SciCan, the makers of the Statim Cassette Autoclave, recently celebrated 50 years of innovation as a company.

"We are excited to showcase our innovative roots through this exciting new product lineup," said Dan Thomas, CEO of SciCan. "It is an exciting opportunity to offer cutting edge technology to our customers which will, in turn, provide them with a clear and distinct performance advantage in the marketplace. That is the key to our success as a company."

The Statim 7000, the newest and largest member of the Statim family, is a highly intuitive autoclave which was designed as an alternative to conventional "round chamber" autoclaves.

The 7000 uses a highly unique steam drying technology that boasts an industry leading 12 minute dry cycle--with a full load. Not only does the 7000 accommodate 8x11 IMS cassettes, but it also incorporates its own internal filtration system. This allows users to operate the machine with tap water.

Additionally, The Statim 7000 includes RFID technology, providing the user with automatic updates on the remaining life of the cassette seal--an industry first.

SciCan and Porsche Design Studios Germany have 40 years experience in handpiece sales and development. The Statis line of premium quality handpieces has a small head for access and visibility. Ergonomically optimized, Statis is backed with a three-year warranty.

An accessory to handpieces, SciCan will introduce the Statmatic handpiece lubrication system. The Statmatic employs a technology that ensures the lubricant is only under pressure when the machine is in operation.

When the cycle finishes, the pressure is released, eliminating the possibility of leakage. The Statmatic is backed by a 10-year warranty.

"Obviously, innovation is critical, but our industry-leading warranties speak to the quality we engineer into each and every product," said Doug Braendle, product manager, SciCan Dental USA. "These are certainly no exception."

The Statis line is now available. The Statim 7000 will begin shipping in February.