CeraTips suited for gingival trimming

Sept. 24, 2008
CeraTips are constructed in one piece and designed not to cut.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina-- KOMET USA has introduced CeraTips, the latest addition to KOMET family of ceramic instruments.

CeraTips are suited for trimming the gingiva. They are constructed in one piece and designed not to cut.

The working part is not glued into a metal support making it safe from prematurely detaching itself. Therefore, the CeraTip convinces by a long service life.

In addition, CeraTips are free of metal and resistant to corrosion. CeraTips join KOMET's line of ceramic instruments that are revolutionizing dentistry, allowing dentists to work on patients with utmost sensitivity.

CeraTips are used at 300,000 RPM without cooling. They generate enough heat to cause tissue coagulation and consequently allow gingival modeling almost entirely without bleeding.

Top features of these new ceramic instruments, including CeraTips, are they reduce vibrations, allow for smooth operation and continuously remove material. Komet recommends starting kit 4561, including two CeraTips.

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