BioTemps provisionals feature four-day turnaround time

June 3, 2008
Provisionals backed with a six-month remake warranty.

Custom-made in just four working days, BioTemps from Glidewell Laboratories exhibit lifelike esthetics, value, and are backed with a six-month remake warranty.

The esthetics of BioTemps is difficult to obtain chairside. Since BioTemps can be there before you prepare, patients have the opportunity to preview the shape and appearance of their final restorations.

If desired, a patient's final case can be fabricated to match the contours and look of their customized BioTemps restoration.

For cases involving smile makeovers, periodontal treatment, or as a stent when precise gingival tissue reduction is required, BioTemps are processed with heat-cured acrylic making. This makes them more wear-resistant than acrylic temporaries. With an optional fast-fit seating matrix, just reline and cement!

BioTemps are indicated for crowns, splinted crowns, full-arch bridges and cantilever bridges. Each BioTemps splint or bridge can be wire, fiber or cast-metal reinforced. This results in less breakage and potential for dislodgement than chairside temporaries.

What's more, the contours and fit of BioTemps after reline help retain the position of the gingival.

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