Practicon redesigns its automatic hands-free roll towel dispenser

Dec. 22, 2008
Updated dispenser improves hygiene, reduces service intervals, and controls costs.

The redesigned hands-free roll towel dispenser from Practicon improves hygiene, reduces service intervals, and controls costs.

Adjustable towel length, time delay and paper-saving mode cuts waste while the front-access battery compartment adds convenience. When a hand is placed at a natural position below the dispenser, a reliable electronic eye sensor detects the need and provides a predetermined nine-inch, 12-inch or 15-inch long towel automatically.

The remaining supply stays contamination-free inside the high-capacity cabinet. A 600-foot towel refill with automatic transfer from stub roll helps to prevent the depletion of towels.

A large detection zone ensures hassle-free operation. A lockable, high-impact tinted plastic cover indicates low supply. The dispenser accepts towel rolls up to 8¼ inches in diameter x 8¼ inches in width.

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