MTI Dental launches Pinpoint! apex locator system

Dec. 24, 2008
Miniaturized device delivers accuracy at a miniaturized price.

LAKEWOOD, New Jersey--MTI Dental Products, a leader in dental handpiece manufacturing, has announced the launch of a new Pinpoint! apex locator system.

The Pinpoint! incorporates the newest digital signal processing technology to read the root canal space in three dimensions. This delivers accuracy and reliability as well as value.

"The Pinpoint! apex locator will pay for itself very quickly by saving time, reducing the need for x-rays, and limiting re-treatments," said MTI President Haye Hinrichs. "This, combined with our attractive pricing, makes the Pinpoint! the perfect device for these challenging economic times."

Interested customers may call (800) 367-9290 about on this promotion, as well as MTI Dental's free-trial offers.

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