iKey redesigns wireless DW-860 keyboard

Dec. 8, 2008
New look aimed to provide sleek, compact size to keyboard.

AUSTIN, Texas--iKey has redesigned its DW-860 rugged wireless keyboard into a sleeker, more compact case with no protruding battery pack.

The new case aims to make the keyboard to be more convenient for mobile and wireless users.

The improved DW-860 case has a built-in battery compartment with a sealed cap for accessing its three AA batteries. This eliminates the need for the older model's external battery pack protruding from the main footprint of the assembly. This sealed enclosure allows it to receive higher industrial ratings in submersible tests.

"At iKey, we are constantly working to develop new products and improve existing products," Danielle Nepustil, iKey marketing manager, said. "The removal of the protruding battery pack on the DW-860 case makes it more compact and user-friendly."

The DW-860 integrates HulaPoint II, a joystick-like pointing device, thus eliminating the need for an external mouse. For added convenience and mobility, it includes WirelessUSB technology, a 30-foot RF range, and no line-of-site limitations to ensure dynamic applications. This includes secure communication with a PC inside a metal enclosure.

The keyboard, enclosed in a lightweight polycarbonate case, is rugged and is rated NEMA 4X. This indicates it can withstand harsh environments such as those in industrial, medical and mobile applications. It measures 11.393 inches wide x 6.317 inches high x 1.588 inches in depth.

The DW-860 utilizes a plug-and-play USB dongle and includes built-in mobile mounting holes. It can be purchased by calling (800) 866-6506 or by visiting iKey.

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