New Invisalign Assist streamlines case selection, treatment processes

Oct. 13, 2008
Product is designed for general dentists who want an integrated approach to selecting, monitoring and finishing Invisalign cases.

SANTA CLARA, California--Align Technology, Inc. has announced the launch of Invisalign Assist, a product designed for general dentists who want an integrated approach to selecting, monitoring and finishing Invisalign cases.

Invisalign Assist combines the esthetic and clinical benefits of Invisalign aligners with new software and clinical protocols that make it easier for doctors to confidently select appropriate cases for their experience level or treatment approach, plan and submit cases efficiently, manage appointments with suggested tasks, receive batch shipments of aligners based on treatment progress, and deliver more predictable treatment results to their patients.

Invisalign Assist is intended primarily for doctors who are new to Invisalign treatment, or for doctors who want an Invisalign product with integrated case selection and monitoring tools for cases that can be treated with aligners alone and who do not require auxiliaries or advanced techniques to achieve a great outcome.

Key features include:

* Case selection and treatment planning assistance for aligner-only case set-ups.

* A streamlined case submission process with less required information.

* A new ClinCheck interface that integrates the clinical set-up with an appointment map, giving the doctor a start-to-finish view of all aspects of treatment.

* Appointment maps that provide suggested clinical tasks, such as interproximal reduction or attachment placement, for each patient appointment.

* Optional progress checking and staged shipment of aligners that allows doctors to submit new impressions and receive adjusted aligners if necessary to better ensure treatment is progressing as planned.

* Case refinements, should the need arise for minor adjustments at the end of treatment.

"With Invisalign Assist, our goal is to provide a product that supports general dentists every step of the way so that they can succeed clinically -- even if it is their first Invisalign case," said Sheila Tan, Align's vice president of product innovation and marketing strategy. "Doctors who choose Invisalign Assist maintain control of treatment decisions, but have the benefit of case selection criteria and treatment planning and monitoring suggestions to more confidently achieve satisfactory treatment results."

Invisalign Assist leverages clinical data and case experience gained from more than 838,000 Invisalign patients treated worldwide, and was designed in direct response to general dentist demand for assistance with case selection and for an instructive, integrated approach to case monitoring and finishing.

Invisalign Assist is available to Invisalign-trained doctors in North America.

More information is available at Invisalign Assist or by calling (888) 882-5446.

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