Orascoptic combines magnification, laser protection in new "laser loupe"

Oct. 2, 2008
Loupe is the industry's first through-the-lens loupe with built-in protective filters for laser users.

Orascoptic, a leader in vision solutions for dental professionals, has introduced a new line of Laser Loupes.

The loupe is the industry's first through-the-lens loupe with built-in protective filters for laser users. Laser usage among dental professionals is growing rapidly, and the ability to combine magnification with eye protection allows dentists and hygienists to provide uncompromised patient care.

Currently, there are limited options for loupe wearers who want eye protection during laser applications. Some abandon their loupes so that they can wear the filtered safety goggles that are provided by the laser manufacturer.

Others engage in the dangerous practice of forgoing laser protection so that they can wear loupes. Then there are those who attach a heavy, uncomfortable laser filter clip-in to the frame of their loupes.

The new Orascoptic Laser Loupe combines the customized benefits of a traditional through-the-lens loupe with unprecedented protection from laser radiation. Each loupe is tailored to the individual's specific facial geometry, working distance, and angle of declination; however, to support laser users, protective filters are employed in the carrier lenses and the telescopes. This provides a high level of safety, performance, and lightweight comfort.

The special filters absorb the harmful rays from a variety of laser wavelengths, including Diode, YAG, and Erbium, making Laser Loupes a companion for almost any laser brand and model. The loupes are available in Orascoptic's HiRes Class II magnification, as well as Class IV HiRes Plus telescopes.

Laser Loupes come with black side shields, a head strap, protective lens caps, and a special custom-engraved storage case.

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