Taste Advantage LLC offers natural sweetness enhancers

Oct. 2, 2008
Introducing special effects ingredients that generate concepts.

LAKELAND, Florida--Taste Advantage, LLC has announced that it now offers a range of Natural Sweetness Enhancers for applications in beverage products, confectionery, and other food items.

Specific benefits of these Natural Sweetness Enhancers include giving additional sweetness to citrus flavored applications, increasing the perception of sweetness, adding back the mouth feel that is lost when sugar is reduced, amplifying the sweetening effect and mouth feel of high fructose corn syrup, removing the bite, burn, and artificial tastes often associated with nonnutritive sweeteners, and for sweeteners specifically designed for gum, releasing the sweetness of aspartame throughout the chew.

"We are pleased to introduce these natural sweetness enhancers to the marketplace. We feel that our customers and the products they produce will benefit greatly from these enhancers," said Taste Advantage's Henry Todd Sr. "Over the next year, we expect to see a large number of product introductions that utilize special effects ingredients to add innovation and excitement to every day brands."

"The wide variety and varying benefits of these natural sweetness enhancers that we offer are a reflection of our boundless opportunities approach," said Taste Advantage's Brian Byrne. "For the first time, we can actually replace sugar with a natural system."

Various additional benefits of the Taste Advantage Natural Sweetness Enhancers include lowering and blocking of acidity, astringency, and bitterness, as well as increasing flavor, mouth freshness, perceived quality of products, and sweetness without increasing Brix.

Incremental advantages include mouth feel building, and the removing of thinness of artificially sweetened beverages.

Samples are available for review by contacting Taste Advantage.

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