MedX receives FDA clearance for Oralase

Oct. 8, 2008
Technology4Medicine to have exclusive distribution rights for Oralase in the United States.

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario--MedX Health Corp., a leader in developing drug free, noninvasive therapeutics for tissue repair and pain relief, has announced that the Oralase Portable Laser has been cleared for marketing by the Food and Drug Administration.

MedX's distribution partner, Technology4Medicine, a laser company in San Clemente, Calif., will begin immediate distribution of Oralase to dental offices in the United States. Oralase is a photobiomodulation device, also known as low level laser therapy, exclusively designed for dentists to alleviate pain and accelerate tissue repair following dental procedures.

"We are very pleased to have received the 510(k) clearance Letter from the FDA so that we can begin to immediately provide the dental community with our non-invasive and drug free solution to relieve pain due to surgical and other procedures," said Steve Guillen BSc, MBA, president and chief executive officer, MedX Health. "Oralase will not only relieve the pain by accelerating tissue repair, but it will provide patients the increased comfort of accelerated healing. Through our partnership with Technology4Medicine, we expect to fulfill a great unmet need in the dental community as well as other markets including dermatology and plastic surgery."

"With this FDA clearance, we will offer Oralase to dentists across the U.S. taking dentistry to a new level, increasing production for the dental office, and providing a better experience for patients," said Jeffrey W. Jones, chief executive officer of Technology4Medicine. "We are looking forward to launching Oralase at booth #3051 at the upcoming American Dental Association meeting in San Antonio Oct. 15-18. Oralase should be a fundamental component of today's high tech practice. It can dramatically differentiate today's dentist. We believe we have a winning formula in bringing the latest technology for quick uptake and use in this $1 Billion marketplace."

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