Snap-Shot added to InfoStar patient education program

April 15, 2008
Snap-Shot feature allows a doctor to Add-Save-Recall-Delete pictures and/or X-rays to company's SideKick program.

The "Snap-Shot" is the newest feature added to the already popular "SideKick" patient education program by InfoStar.

The Snap-Shot feature allows a doctor to Add-Save-Recall-Delete their own pictures and/or X-rays to the program. Pop-in work in the Snap-Shot image box and place it next to a procedure explanation.

Pictures will automatically downsize to fit the image box. The Snap-Shot feature is automatically loaded as part of the SideKick program on a doctor's existing server or individual computers.

InfoStar encourages SideKick doctor users to provide suggestions, procedures, text and pictures to help shape future SideKick features and procedure explanations. The SideKick program software is updated twice yearly--in the spring and in the fall--for a modest fee.

The Snap-Shot feature will be included in InfoStar's standard $3,000 single-office site license. For current SideKick users, the new Snap-Shot feature will be included along with more than 30 other new features and/or new procedure explanation screens in an upcoming spring update.

For more information, contact InfoStar at (800) 889-4224 or visit InfoStar.

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