"Green" design, low life cycle costs highlight new filter technology

May 23, 2008
Durafil ES has dvantages in terms of immediate reductions in facility fixed costs.

Camfil Farr, a leader in air filtration for business and industry, has introduced a new filter configuration that radically changes how air is cleaned in a commercial or institutional environment.

The product has advantages in terms of immediate reductions in facility fixed costs.

Durafil ES is a drop-in replacement for any standard V-shaped filter. But the similarities end there.

Four characteristics distinguish Durafil ES filters.

First, this filter technology reduces the total energy consumed by the HVAC system by 20-35% compared to any competitive (V-style) product. This savings is produced by a patented radial inlet and outlet, which generates a much lower pressure drop profile.

There is 30% more open area on the filter inlet of the Durafil ES, and 60% more on the outlet, compared to conventional V-style filters. This greater open area is key to the lower pressure drop condition.

Camfil Farr has also developed a new height-to-pleat spacing configuration. Using the same amount of media, with more pleats per inch, the result is greater active filter area.

Durafil ES uses a fine fiber Energy Star media. This media maintains its high efficiency performance throughout its service life. This is in marked contrast to electrostatically charged, synthetic media, whose efficiency drops quickly in use.

Finally, Durafil ES is rated "five star" by the Energy Cost Index Program. Based on a scale of 5, the energy cost index indicates what a filter costs over its service life. A 5-star rating indicates the filter is the most energy-efficient, and longest-lasting available.

One of the construction features unique to the Durafil ES is a built-in prefilter spacer section. This feature benefits installations where a prefilter is mounted directly to the face of the filter. In these instances, the spacer eliminates airflow blockage, and the high pressure drop that results.

This problem is universal with traditional V-style filters, and produces an energy penalty of $50 per filter per year. The advanced engineering of the Durafil ES eliminates this issue. This expense reduces energy costs by $50 per filter, per year for installations where a prefilter mounts to the filter face.

The Durafil ES was engineered for facilities with large AHUs (air handling units), including hospitals, food and beverage processors, pharmaceutical plants, colleges and universities, offices, and many industrial environments. It is a "green" filter that can produce recurring energy savings. It also lasts longer and has less total environmental impact.

Companies seeking strategies that will reduce energy expense will find energy advantages with Durafil ES filters.

Durafil ES can be a valuable tool for meeting the requirements of the U.S. Green Building Council ("LEED") for efficiency, energy savings and reduced disposal impact. Standard and enclosed box versions of the filter are available in four sizes.

They are manufactured in MERV 11, 13, 14 and 16 ratings. Durafil ES is guaranteed up to 10" w.g and is UL Class 2. It is backed by Camfil Farr's Performance Guarantee for the life of the filter. Detailed test data is available for qualified inquirers.

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