BIOMET 3i Navigator System provides instrumentation for CT guided surgery

Feb. 7, 2008
System comes in response to clinicians' growing interest in dental implant placement utilizing the benefits of Computed Tomography.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Florida--BIOMET 3i has developed the Navigator System--Instrumentation For CT Guided Surgery--in response to clinicians' growing interest in dental implant placement utilizing the benefits of Computed Tomography and the desire to accelerate patient provisionalization.

By using the BIOMET 3i Navigator System in conjunction with third party CT planning software and surgical guides, clinicians may be able to enhance treatment planning and improve the accuracy of placing BIOMET 3i Implants in predetermined locations with control of the hex orientation.

The Navigator System provides the instrumentation for CT guided surgery with the Navigator Surgical Kit and Navigator Laboratory Kit.

The Navigator Surgical Kit includes easy-to-identify instrumentation that simplifies the process for clinician and staff. Drills are depth-specific with stops built in for definitive preparation. There is no need for adjustable depth control measures, loops, calipers or looking for the right line.

Variable prolongation decreases the amount of space needed to perform this type of surgery, which inherently requires longer instrumentation given the added dimension of the surgical guide.

The Navigator Laboratory Kit is used in conjunction with the surgical guide provided by a third party to fabricate provisional restorations prior to the day of surgery.

The kit is comprised of analog mounts in various lengths that allow laboratory technicians to pour a master cast and orient the analogs as the implants are to be positioned, including hex orientation. This feature is especially beneficial for single unit cases, cases where abutments are off-angle and cement-retained provisionals.

The Navigator System offers compatibility with most existing CT planning software, eliminating the need to purchase dedicated software or to switch from current software. Clinicians have the option to perform a variety of cases including single unit, partial and fully edentulous cases.

Surgical flexibility allows clinicians to perform bone, tissue and tooth-supported cases and clinicians may choose from a variety of restorative options. The system includes complete, easy-to-follow guidelines.

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