RIEMSER introduces Allograft line

March 6, 2009
Bacterin products available.

RIEMSER has introduced the Allograft line of products.

Here are descriptions of several of these Bacterin products:

* OsteoSponge Block is a cancellous demineralized bone matrix made from 100% bone. Used to reconstruct maxillary or mandibular defects, it also assists in regenerating bone tissue to maximize implant success. OsteoSponge has the malleability and elasticity to be compressed into a void, forming a strong biological scaffold and promoting osteointegration. Able to absorb its weight in fluid, it expands 20 to 30 percent when hydrated without losing its original strength or shape.

* D-Block is a sterilized block allograft for alveolar defects. Designed for ridge augmentation cases in which vertical height is required, D-Block is an alternative to autogenous harvested bone grafts. It is a cortical/cancellous block that is osteoconductive and osteoinductive. The D-Block comes in two different sizes for ridge defect indications.

* OsteoWrap is a 100% human cortical bone demineralized through a proprietary process that makes the graft flexible while maintaining allograft integrity. Easily cut and shaped for various defect sizes, it has a malleability that helps in membrane placement. Following hydration, it can be folded, rolled, trimmed, and/or sutured, making it a scaffold that acts like a barrier membrane. But it will remodel and function like bone in the defect. OsteoWrap is approved for dental indications.

* OsteoSponge Filler is a demineralized particulate allograft used to reconstruct maxillary or mandibular defects, as well as to regenerate bone tissue to maximize implant success. Providing osteoinduction, it has bone-building characteristics, facilitating its use in defects. OsteoSponge Filler will conform to fill irregular voids, staying well-contained in the grafted area.

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