FlatHED designs new dental tool

Aug. 26, 2009
The e-Dx is an improved diagnostic instrument that makes finding tooth fractures easier.

PORTLAND, Oregon--Industrial design firm FlatHED has completed work on the e-Dx for dental instrument manufacturer Jordco.

The e-Dx is an improved diagnostic instrument that makes finding tooth fractures easier.

Developed in the past year, the e-Dx was designed to securely hold Jordco's proprietary foam. The foam is then coated with a dental cooling to aid in locating the problem tooth.

While designing the product, the firm made as many parts as possible reusable in order to minimize waste. The e-Dx also combines the uses of two older dental tools, further reducing waste.

"We didn't design a product that was fully disposable," said Wendie Siverts, founder and principal of FlatHED. "With this design, we were able to keep a large amount of waste out of landfills, all without compromising function and aesthetics."

FlatHED wants to develop more products with consideration to environmental concerns.

"We've definitely been mindful of waste and efficiency in our designs, and the Jordco collaboration certainly fit into that scope," Siverts continued. "It's been great to work with clients who are also keeping environmental issues in mind as they develop their products."

In addition to working together to create a product that minimizes waste, the relationship between FlatHED and Jordco was an opportunity for the two Oregon-based businesses to collaborate.

Every part of the e-Dx, from concept to completion, was made in Oregon. Jordco has been in Beaverton since 1979, and FlatHED just marked its 13th year in Portland.

FlatHED principals Siverts and Monte Cook are active in the local art and design community and are members of the Industrial Designers Society of America's Portland chapter.

For more information, visit FlatHED's Web site at FlatHED or call (503) 220-8591.

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