MaxilloPrep Spread-Condense System designed for bone spreading, condensing

Aug. 28, 2009
System designed for use by means of titanium spread-condense screws.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA has introduced a new system for bone spreading and condensing.

Developed in conjunction with Dr. Stefan Neumeyer of Eschlkam, Germany, the MaxilloPrep Spread-Condense system (Kit 4596) was designed for bone spreading and condensation by means of titanium spread-condense screws.

Bone spreading treatments are used because of a narrow bone structure and insufficient space to place an implant. The screw's shape is initially cylindrical turning after 5 mm into a tapered shape with threaded flanks (up to a total length of 15 mm). This exerts effective spreading and condensing pressure on the bone.

Thanks to the depth marks placed in intervals of 2 mm, penetration depths can be visually controlled, starting at 8 mm from the tip of the screws. Depth marks are recognizable because the surface's lasered color, which alternates between light and dark every 2 mm. The screws rounded ends help protect from inadvertent perforations.

Using a hand wrench, spread-condense screws are inserted into a small pilot hole, prepared by a stainless-steel drill (210L16). They are then screwed in and out in ascending order until the required target size is reached, ensuring optimum primary stability of the subsequently inserted implant. The MaxilloPrep spread-condense screws can also be used for bone condensing treatments of a spongy bone structure.

The screws are available in five sizes: sizes 4 and 5 also come with a triangular cross-section for condensation and expansion of extremely hard bones. Because the screws are made of pure titanium, they are designed for multiple uses.

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