Fast-setting die stone aims to reduce setup time

Jan. 7, 2009
Multi-use die stone sets in less than five minutes.

LOS ANGELES, California--QUIKSET 5, Adelda Health Inc.'s new fast-setting
everyday die stone, aims to reduce setup time for dentists.

The multi-use die stone sets in less than five minutes. QUIKSET 5 may be used to create models and dies for a variety of applications, including crown and bridge, study models, bleach trays, and night guards. The material is user friendly, stacks superbly, and flows well under vibration.

"This is a really big deal for dentists! QUIKSET 5's speed set technology will generate a significant increase in productivity in the dentist office," said Tony Stern, chairman of Adelda Health Inc.

"When a lab makes the switch to QUIKSET 5, the number of impressions they can produce in one workday will row exponentially. Time is valuable to all businesses, and QUIKSET 5 allows dentist offices to maximize their production without sacrificing simplicity."

The consistency of the powder and water mixture of QUIKSET 5 allows for flexibility in mixing methods. Mixing can be done either by hand or with a vacuum mixer. Just 30 seconds is needed if using a vacuum mixer. Hand mixing requires 60 seconds.

For more information, contact Adelda Health Inc. at 31143 Via Colinas #501, Westlake Village, CA 91362-3932. Company phone number is (800) 333-9990.

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