KOMET USA introduces ZR943 diamond disc

Nov. 23, 2009
Disc cuts zirconia at high speeds.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA now offers a special diamond disc that can cut zirconia at high speeds.

KOMET's ZR943 diamond disc is designed to cut off sprues from pressed ceramics and to separate the coping from the HIP zirconia blank. Available in FG shank only, the ZR943 disc is obtainable in three sizes (065, 080, and 100).

With a medium grit of 100 µm, it has a 1-mm coating of industrial diamonds on 0.3 mm of the disc's width.

Used at optimal speed of 160,000 rpm and with sufficient water cooling, the ZR943 diamond disc is also suited for the separation and contouring of veneer ceramics; however, these discs are not designed for intraoral use.

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