Stainless steel air/water syringe tips offers cost savings

Nov. 20, 2009
Duration stainless steel tips also help preserve the environment.

Duration is a stainless steel air/water syringe tip that can save money compared to single-use syringe tips. Duration also helps to preserve the environment.

Using Duration stainless steel tips can save the average dental office more than $4,000 over the cost of single-use (disposable) tips in a five-year period. An average practice can use and dispose of more than 21,000 plastic air/water syringe tips over five years.

Duration stainless steel tips offer consistent performance via:

* A spray pattern without mist or splatter
* Multiple air ports for dry air on demand
* Medical grade stainless steel
* Smooth, rounded end

Duration air/water syringe tips do not chip, corrode, or flake like the brass chrome-plated metal syringe tips. They fit most air water syringes used in North America and are backed by a five-year warranty.

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