Kerr expands tissue management line with Hemostasyl

Nov. 23, 2009
Material is a hemostatic agent that stops bleeding with precision and ease.

ORANGE, California--Kerr has introduced Hemostasyl.

The material is a hemostatic agent that stops bleeding with precision and ease. When moderate bleeding occurs and gingival retraction is not required, Hemostasyl is an option. The product is easy to place, and less material is required compared to other similar hemostatic agents.

Product Manager James Lobsenz said, "With Hemostasyl, doctors now have a material that is incredibly easy to dispense using a convenient syringe delivery and a viscosity that stays in place and controls blood and other fluids well."

Hemostasyl is brightly colored, so it is easy to see and clean up. Its composition helps adhere to soft and hard tissue. With a concentration of 15% aluminum chloride, the material is an effective way to stop bleeding in many clinical applications, such as Class V composite placement, cementation, and scaling in perio cases.

Compromising esthetics of the procedure is not a concern since Hemostasyl contains no ferric sulfate, unlike similar products. These products can stain proteins a black color, including soft tissue and dentin.

For gingival retraction needs, the Kerr tissue management line also offers Expasyl, an atraumatic gingival retraction paste, now in a new strawberry taste.

To learn more about Hemostasyl or the company's portfolio of products, visit Hemostasyl or call (800) KERR-123.

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