Polished lenses provide edge-to-edge vision, shade variance without distortion

Nov. 25, 2009
Lenses offer better working vision, protection, and productivity.

Hager Outback's frameless design blends comfort and style with side protection and protection-to-weight ratio.

Hager Outback's six-diopter base curve and optometrically polished lenses provide edge-to-edge vision and shade variance without distortion. Ophthalmic corrective spectacle lenses are designed around this same principle.

What does this mean for the customer?

Better working vision, protection, and productivity. Other benefits include:

* Ophthalmic quality anti-scratch coating on the inside and outside lens surfaces increases the life of the protective eyewear.

* Design for dentistry creates an air flow over the rear of the lens, preventing and in most cases, eliminating fogging.

* Temple paddle design follows the contour of the cranium with gentle spring action, totally relieving the day-long pressure of protective eyewear.

At 25 grams, Hager Outback's are ultra-light and are available in nine adult frame colors. Hager Outback's are distributed by Hager Worldwide.

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