Vita introduces new-generation firing system

Dec. 3, 2009
VITA VACUMAT 6000M's flexibility enables the user to purchase only the modules required initially.

BREA, California--VITA has introduced a line of modular ceramic furnaces that provide adaptability to the dental lab.

Thanks to the system's design, the concept satisfies laboratory firing needs in an efficient and economical way. The heart of the system is the control units, which enable the operation of up to four furnaces using a single control pad.

The control pads feature three levels of customization: the vPad easy, the vPad comfort and the vPad excellence.

VITA VACUMAT 6000M's flexibility enables the user to purchase only the modules they require initially, then add further components, such as furnaces, control units or accessories as needed.

The system provides users with the ability to assemble the most optimal firing system for their specific needs, with a cost advantage compared with conventional furnaces.

"The VITA VACUMAT 6000M is an entirely new type of furnace," explained Bernie Jaroslow, product marketing manager for Vident. "The system was designed to be modular so that users can ultimately choose what they want when they want it."

The new VITA VACUMAT 6000M is a microprocessor-controlled, fully automatic furnace used to fire veneering and crystallization ceramics. The unit features a modern, compact and ergonomic design, and just like its predecessors, requires less bench space in comparison to conventional ceramic furnaces.

The firing system includes numerous monitoring and safety functions, such as automatic temperature adjustment before the start of each program, power failure protection and controlled fast cooling. These features help result in consistent firing accuracy while simultaneously saving time for the user.

The current operation status is apparent courtesy of an LED light bar visible from a distance. In addition, each of the VITA VACUMAT 6000M firing units can be individualized with different color side panels. Some can also serve as a notepad.

A choice of three different control units with intuitive symbols is available to operate the furnace. The vPad easy has 200 user-adjustable programs with required functions and produces firing results.

The vPad comfort and the vPad excellence control units offer a large number of customizable programs, and are equipped with a color touch-screen, a Photo Viewer, individual user accounts, and many other extras.

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