Self-etch bonding agent has dual purpose

Dec. 18, 2009
CLEARFIL SE Protect features antibacterial cavity cleansing and fluoride releasing properties.

Kuraray has introduced CLEARFIL SE Protect, a self-etch bonding agent with antibacterial cavity cleansing and fluoride releasing properties.

CLEARFIL SE Protect helps eliminate the cost and extra step of applying a separate cavity cleanser to kill any bacteria that remain in cavities, especially "minimal intervention" cavities.

CLEARFIL SE Protect helps offer greater confidence in fighting bacteria that remain in almost all cavity preparations. It is biologically safe because the functional monomer, MDPB, will not leak after light curing.

The sodium fluoride in CLEARFIL SE Protect is specially coated to allow release of the NaF while the bonding layer physical properties, including strength, are maintained.

CLEARFIL SE Protect retains the characteristics of CLEARFIL SE Bond: low post-op sensitivity, bond strength for enamel and dentin, application speed, and ease of use.

CLEARFIL SE Protect shows even higher long-term bonding durability than CLEARFIL SE Bond.

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