Denali Corporation expands AURA product line

Oct. 19, 2009
AURA VLC Cement is a VLC self-adhesive esthetic cement.

AURA VLC is an option for the cementation of all-ceramic restorations. Extensive clinical testing, in a variety of cases, has been conducted on the cement.

AURA VLC is light cure only, which eliminates the yellowing associated with dual cure products. Utiliizing the total-etch-technique, AURA VLC is self-adhesive. It has a low film thickness of less than 12 microns. This helps provide sealing for ceramic and composite restorations.

Using proprietary Denali Setting Chemistry, AURA VLC is color stable. The crystal clear shade is color neutral, thus achieving a contact-lens-effect in a genuine life-like esthetic.

AURA VLC Standard Kit is offered with four shades: Crystal Clear, Off-White, White and Light Yellow. Each kit contains one syringe of each shade, tips and shade guide.

For those who prefer one or two shades only, custom kits are available. To enhance restoration success, Denali is offering a free syringe of AURAVue Sealer with each kit of AURA VLC Cement.

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