All-in-one cement now available in syringes

Oct. 8, 2009
SDI's seT PP etches, bonds and fills with just one component.

SDI's seT PP is the syringe version of seT, SDI's all-in-one, radiopaque encapsulated luting cement.

It etches, bonds and fills with just one component. Simply apply seT PP and seat a prosthesis.

Containing ionglass, seT PP has been specifically designed to release a consistently high dose of fluoride over a prolonged period of time. The proprietary glass formulation serves as a caries preventative system by providing replenishment of fluoride to the oral environment.

seT PP minimizes postoperative sensitivity since it does not require separate etching and washing. The smear layer remains intact to protect the tooth. This reduces postoperative sensitivity.

seT PP is a dual-cure system. The material hardens in five minutes by itself or in 20 seconds with the aid of a curing light.

Proprietary hydrophobic monomers give seT PP good water resistance in the cured state, while maintaining substrate wetting when placed onto a moist bonding surface.

seT PP is available in five shades (Translucent, A1, A2, OA3, and Opaque White) and packaged in an introductory kit of five syringes, or refills containing two syringes.

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