Periodontal software company announces a one-server, unlimited licensing policy

Oct. 10, 2009
PerioPal offers a one-time, licensing option to an unlimited number of computers.

BEAUMONT, Texas-- PerioPal LLC., a leading software solution for periodontal exams, has announced a new one server, unlimited licensing model.

A one-time unlimited licensing option now offers similar download and software features as the pay-per-use policy to an unlimited number of workstations. Pay-per-use clients can convert to unlimited licensing at any time.

"We believe choice is good," said Kimberly Goodson, president of PerioPal. "Although our pay-per-use model has gained momentum over the last three years, a significant number of practice owners prefer a one time purchase."

"In order to increase our market share and maintain our dedication to the needs of the practice owner, we evaluated our pricing plan as well as the fixed costs for software ownership. By offering both a one-time purchase and the pay-per-use licensing option on a single server, users can select the best solution for their practice without having to worry about purchasing and keeping track of multiple software licenses," Goodson added.

In 2006, PerioPal realized the importance of information technology solutions to increase the efficiency and lower the cost of its software distribution. A decision to offer a free-to-download version came last year, allowing clinicians to get acquainted with the benefits of PerioPal's voice-driven periodontal charting software.

Complete with 25 exams, comprehensive training materials, and a link to PerioPal-compatible headsets, users have necessary information to test and evaluate PerioPal's software.

The system uses a powerful, voice command technology that shortens the enrollment time of data, increases the accuracy of the exam and decreases the tedious task of periodontal charting. Uses can record clinical conditions as they are observed.

PerioPal is designed to be easily interfaced to most dental systems that share an open bridge policy or by using a customized integration tool called DataGrabber from Apteryx. DataGrabber allows the automated transfer of patient name, birth date, and record ID number to PerioPal. This interface tool eliminates the need to modify the user's dental office system software and still have a fully integrated solution.

PerioPal has a school donation program for accredited dental programs.

Version 8.5 is available for purchase. More information on the software can be found at PerioPal.

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