Aseptico debuts the AEU-26OS oral surgery motor system

July 1, 2009
System is compatible with common E-type surgical handpieces and attachments.

WOODINVILLE, Washington--The AEU-26OS from Aseptico features basic handpiece calibration, torque control, a sleek design, customizable presets, and upgradable software intended for a long return on investment.

Similar to Aseptico's AEU-17Bv2 series, the AEU-26OS does not include a built-in pump that requires the use of an external irrigation, such as the NWS-9 Sterile Irrigation Delivery System for high-speed drilling applications.

If a built-in irrigation pump is desired, then Aseptico recommends its AEU-707Av2, AEU-6000/70V, and AEU-7000-70V models.

For more details about the AEU26OS or other Aseptico oral surgery motors and handpieces, visit Aseptico, call (866) 244-2954 or (425) 487-3157, or send an e-mail to Aseptico.

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