Ionic ProClean uses science to reduce plaque, gingivitis

April 23, 2009
Toothbrush uses ionic technology to remove more plaque with less effort.

PLEASANTVILLE, New Yok--Global Ionics LLC has announced the launch of its breakthrough product: the Ionic ProClean toothbrush.

The Ionic ProClean uses ionic technology to remove more plaque with less effort. It is a product for recession-minded consumers who want a fresh-from-the-dentist feeling of clean.

See the Light
The secret of the Ionic ProClean is in the science behind it. In nature, opposites attract. This simple fact explains why plaque can be so difficult to remove from your teeth.

Plaque has a positive (+) charge; tooth enamel has a negative (-) charge. The Ionic ProClean uses proven ionic technology to temporarily change tooth enamel to a positive (+) charge. This allows the natural science of polarity to loosen the bond of plaque so you can gently sweep it away.

After rinsing the toothbrush under running water, a user touches a small silver strip on the handle and brushes normally with the toothpaste of his or her choice. By touching the silver strip, your body's natural energy completes the circuit. A red light on the handle shines brightly to confirm that the energy circuit is complete and the ionic action is working to remove plaque.

Ken Davidov, founder of Global Ionics, explained, "Scientists have known about the importance of polarity for a long time--it's a well-known phenomenon. And while this technology has been used in Asia and Europe for years, this is the first ionic toothbrush designed for the North American and worldwide market that neatly encases all the elements into one hermetically sealed brush, made from soft materials that are comfortable to hold."

Feel a New Clean
Dr. Scott M. Fine, a New York City dentist, said, "Studies have shown that ionic technology loosens plaque. Bacterial plaque causes tooth decay, gingivitis and other periodontal diseases, and some studies indicate a possible link to cardiac health. The Ionic ProClean can make an enormous difference in personal dental hygiene. My patients notice that their breath is fresher and their teeth feel smoother. I notice less plaque build-up and healthier gums. It is truly revolutionary."

As Davidov pointed out, "It used to be that the only other option for people who wanted better plaque removal was a power toothbrush. Many power toothbrushes require you to change the way you brush: they are noisy, some need chargers, and in terms of price can run upwards of $150. The Ionic ProClean looks and feels like an ordinary toothbrush. It doesn't require unsightly charging equipment on the bathroom counter. Its function is absolutely silent--and it costs less than $10."

Davidov also recognizes the Ionic ProClean's business potential.

"The U.S. toothbrush market is estimated at $1.3 billion in annual sales," he said. "Furthermore, toothbrush household penetration is close to 100% and is expected to remain recession proof. Given these difficult economic times, when people are losing dental insurance and visits to the dentist's office are rationed, improved at-home care is critically important. The Ionic ProClean has the potential to change the oral care industry and add value in a flat to down category."

The Ionic ProClean is available online at Ionic ProClean for $8.95 plus shipping and handling. Orders of two or more brushes come with a free travel kit. Dental professionals recommend replacing your toothbrush every three months.

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