Bur kit designed to work on micro-hybrid, nano composite materials

April 2, 2009
KOMET USA's HFR (Highly Filled Resin) Kit LD0192 trims, finishes, and polishes small particle composite chemistry.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--New composite materials are rapidly changing the face of dentistry, and KOMET USA is experiencing the impact.

Small particle (micro-hybrid and nano) composite chemistry provides dentists with polishability, high strength, and low wear. That's why KOMET USA has introduced a bur kit that trims, finishes, and polishes this material.

The HFR (Highly Filled Resin) Kit LD0192 is designed to respond to the demands of these small particle filled materials. The advanced restorative life, shading, cure depth, and handling of these materials are often offset by the difficulty of trimming, finishing, and polishing.

Previously, clinicians either used finishing diamonds or carbides based on any number of factors. However, with these new materials and using KOMET's innovative Q-Finishers™, it is now advantageous to use diamonds and carbides on these materials.

The HFR kit comes with 10 burs: five Q-Finishers (H48LQ.314.012, FS9Q.314.014, FS6Q.314.014, H379Q.314.023 and H274Q.314.018) with five matching fine diamonds (8862.314.012, FSD9F.314.014, FSD6F.314.014, 8379.314.023 and 8274.314.016).

KOMET's fine diamonds work for trimming and shaping while the matching carbide Q-Finishers use spiral cross-cut that debride blade-clogging composite. This allows clinicians to efficiently refine and smooth composites to a luster-ready surface to create a more esthetic, durable result.

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