Miltex obtains exclusive distributor rights to PerioStar 3000

May 29, 2009
Device is a motorized system for precise sharpening of scalers and curettes.

YORK, Pennsylvania--Miltex, a leading manufacturer of hand-held surgical and dental instruments sold to the health-care market through authorized distributors, has announced acquisition of exclusive distributor rights to the PerioStar 3000 instrument sharpening device.

The PerioStar 3000 sharpening device is a motorized system for precise sharpening of scalers and curettes. It is the only system in the world that does not rely on the human hand to dictate instrument movement and pressure during the sharpening procedure.

The PerioStar sharpening system features a fixation device that securely clamps the instrument in place for sharpening. Once in place, the sharpening head is brought into contact with the instrument, providing 50 grams of pressure.

After the unit is turned on, the revolving plate is rotated. This moves the stone across the cutting edge. The PerioStar sharpening device maintains a sharpening angle of 78° and follows the precise geometry of the instrument. Because the instrument is held in place and the machine provides the pressure, reproducible results are achieved regardless of who operates the system.

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