Mini/Endo Activator Brushes feature long, narrow brush head

Feb. 27, 2009
Brushes are addition to Parkell's Brush&Bond self-etching dentin/enamel bonding system.

Parkell's new Mini/Endo Activator Brushes feature a longer, narrower activator brush head than standard activator brushes, and are a development in the company's Brush&Bond line.

The disposable Mini/Endo Brushes will activate B&B's self-etching chemistry. They are aimed at allowing clinicians to gain access to the bottom of the smallest Class I's, Class III's or pedo buccal pits.

Brush&Bond is now easier to place in the narrowest root post preps during placement of bonded, prefabricated metal or glass fiber endo posts (such as Parkell's C-I system).

With these new brushes, B&B's self-cure/light-cure activator formula can consistently coat the dentin walls of deep postholes, ensuring maximal bonding to resin cements.

Standard activator brushes are still available separately and in the complete B&B Kit.

For a limited time, Parkell is offering special introductory sample five-packs of the Mini/Endo Brushes in Brush&Bond Kits. Packages of 100 Mini/Endo Brushes will be sold separately.

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