Biscom to introduce DiNet/Payers edition for secure electronic exchange of images, patient records

Jan. 28, 2010
High-definition medical and dental images will help payers understand what providers see to help improve claims productivity while reducing costs.

BOSTON, Massachusetts--Biscom plans to announce the DiNet/Payers Edition version of its DiNet dental image communications platform during the Yankee Dental Congress 35 Jan. 28-30, 2010, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

Biscom designed the DiNet/Payers Edition version to optimize the process of receiving and reviewing dental insurance claims submitted by dental providers.

DiNet provides secure point-to-point delivery of dental radiograph images and periodontal charts as claim attachments. The DiNet delivery includes not only the images/charts to be viewed by the payer's professional reviewers, but also identifying patient and provider metadata that facilitates the payer responding to the practice submitting the claim. This could include requests for additional supporting images and information.

In addition to improving communication between dental providers and payers, DiNet ensures that both the provider and payer comply with HIPAA and state privacy regulations.

DiNet provides the following benefits:

* High-quality images
* Two-way, real-time communication of images and data helps reduce costly adjudication errors, gets patients treated faster, and accelerates the provider's revenue cycle
* Encrypted, point-to-point communications overcome shortcomings of e-mail and help payers and providers comply with state privacy laws
* Inclusion of patient/provider metadata with the images, enabling the payer to index the images and later locate the indexed images
* Capability to automatically route the indexed images into claims processing systems
* Image enhancement features
* Capability to annotate the images with graphics and text while still maintaining the original image required for legal purposes
* Built-in direct, secure point-to-point communication capabilities with which the payer can request additional supporting information and images from the sending provider
* An audit trail of deliveries sent and received

"DiNet is a real-time, secure communication solution that enables direct communication between dental providers and payers," said Bill Agudelo, Biscom senior vice president.

"It continues Biscom's emphasis on delivering solutions to health-care organizations that helps them lower costs and improve profitability while also complying with patient privacy regulations. By delivering high-quality images with associated metadata, DiNet/Payers Edition solves two problems at once: it eliminates the unwanted back-and-forth communications between provider and payer caused by poor quality images, and it organizes the images into an indexed data repository for easy retrieving, viewing, and processing," Agudelo added.

For more information, visit Biscom at Booth #2612 at the 2010 Yankee Dental Congress, at Biscom, or by calling (866) 293-2393 within the United States or (978) 250-1800, ext. 542.

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