Laser offers dentists choice of disposable tips, strippable fiber

April 15, 2010
AMD LASERS provides choice via Picasso and Picasso Lite dental lasers.

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana--AMD LASERS has announced that dental practitioners will have the option of using disposable tips or a strippable fiber with the Picasso and Picasso Lite dental lasers, effective April 14, 2010, .

"We are very excited about the latest product announcement," said Alan Miller, AMD founder and CEO. "AMD LASERS is committed to our role as the leader in advancing the use of laser technology in the dental operatory. Dentists wanted an option of using convenient disposable tips or the cost effectiveness of a strippable fiber, we delivered. This marks just another breakthrough in technology by AMD LASERS."

Currently, AMD LASERS is the sole laser manufacturer to offer dentists a choice of utilizing strippable fiber or disposable tips for use in dental laser procedures.

"The tips were designed to meet the needs of all soft-tissue dental procedures," said Bart Waclawik, COO of the company. "The new disposable tips are available in various angles, lengths, and sizes to meet our clients' needs."

AMD LASERS' newest offering continues a history of providing laser products to the dental industry.

"We are committed to our One Vision--One Goal, a laser in every office and every operatory," Miller said. "The research and development we continue to reinvest in our current and future products only solidifies AMD LASERS as the No. 1 company in the world."

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