Redesigned SUPA positioners make film, PSP imaging easier

Feb. 2, 2010
A smaller form factor helps provide maximum patient comfort.

DEER PARK, New York--Flow Dental has announced release of a new and improved SUPA (Single Use Positioning Aid) disposable positioning blocks for dental imaging.

The new design makes SUPA suitable for positioning PSP envelopes and film. Manufactured of a new, softer foam material, SUPA positioners serve as al bite block.

A smaller form factor helps provide maximum patient comfort. They can be used stand-alone, or along with Flow's RAPD aiming ring and positioning bar to help ensure correct cone beam alignment.

Whether using PSP envelopes or film, SUPA positioners keep the imaging medium at a 90 degree angle to the tooth, and are ideal for both anterior and posterior exams.

"Flow's mission is to supply innovative products to dentistry that work better and cost less," said President Bill Winters. "Our new SUPA positioners offer a flexible and highly cost-effective solution for a wide range of dental imaging needs."

SUPA positioners are available in boxes of 100 and are 100% recyclable.

To order or receive a free sample, contact a local distributor or visit Flow online at Flow Dental.

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