Intuitive feature helps define new digital panoramic system

Feb. 25, 2010
Vantage system from Progeny showcased at 2010 Chicago Midwinter Meeting.

VERSAILLES, Ohio--Progeny, a manufacturer of intraoral X-rays in the U.S., has announced debut of the Vantage Digital Panoramic System at the 2010 Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting.

Vantage is designed to bring full-featured, yet affordable, digital panoramic imaging to general dentistry.

Vantage offers a range of features that include advanced user tools, expanded kV and mA range, field-selectable left or right patient entry, and a dedicated PC workstation with software included standard on every system. The system is designed for productivity "out of the box."

Powered by CCD imaging technology, automatic spinal compensation and Progeny's 3-Motion Imaging Rotation, Vantage delivers consistent, detailed images for analysis and diagnosis.

Workflow enhancements include three lasers for precise positioning, left and right mechanical controls, four pre-programmed exam selections, and the VantageTouch user interface.

VantageTouch functions much like today's smart phones. Its intuitive, multi-touch technology allows clinicians to access functions with speed just by touching the screen.

Exam set-up, real-time image preview, and exam status are accessed at the VantageTouch control. Exam customization and routine maintenance procedures are available through VantageTouch.

In addition to its system features, Vantage also includes a dedicated computer workstation with TWAIN-enabled software as a standard feature. The system can be interfaced with existing practice-management software or images can be captured using Progeny imaging software.

"Vantage is focused on simplicity backed by sophisticated technology," said Ed McDonough, president of Progeny. "We started with a blank page and asked ourselves 'How much can we put in?' The result is an exceptional system that delivers easy installation, enhanced productivity, and customer comfort at a very affordable level. We believe Vantage will set a new standard in digital panoramic imaging."

Progeny is a Midmark company.

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