Power toothbrush introduced

Aug. 2, 2007
Philips Sonicare's FlexCare is designed with a 10 percent broader sweeping motion and improved contour fit bristles for increased tooth coverage.

STAMFORD, Connecticut--Patient compliance is an area of concern and frustration for many dental professionals, since a patient's quality of brushing and oral care regimen can have a significant impact on their oral health and their overall health.

To help patients achieve superior oral health, Philips Sonicare has launched the new FlexCare power toothbrush featuring industry-leading technology that delivers better plaque biofilm removal than Oral-B Triumph and Sonicare Elite.

FlexCare features the new ProResults brush head, which is designed with a 10 percent broader sweeping motion and improved contour fit bristles for increased tooth coverage. In addition, the bristles feature a unique rounded trim cut which provides a better brushing performance with less dependency on the patients' technique.

"As a dental professional, I strongly recommend oral health care aids that simplify and improve patient's daily oral hygiene regimens," said Barbara J. Steinberg, DDS, Clinical Professor of Surgery, Drexel University College of Medicine. "The new Philips Sonicare FlexCare features advanced technology and user-friendly design that enhances the brushing experience and delivers superior results in between dental appointments."

FlexCare's new ProResults brush head and sonic technology is clinically proven to disrupt more plaque biofilm in hard-to-reach areas including posterior teeth, interproximal spaces, between teeth and along the gumline than Oral-B Triumph and Sonicare Elite.

FlexCare has also demonstrated in vitro to be twice as gentle on dentin as Oral-B Triumph and is clinically proven to improve gingival/gum health in only two weeks.

Philips Sonicare FlexCare now features a clean connection design with all moving parts located in the handle. This improvement allows for a clean and user-friendly experience with less vibration and a simpler brush head connection.

FlexCare also features an 80 percent vibration reduction compared to Philips Sonicare Elite, boasts a new smaller design, and includes unique personal settings to provide users with a brush that delivers maximum brushing efficacy.

"When designing FlexCare, we considered feedback from dental professionals and patients, both of whom were looking for ways to adapt their brushing regimens to their specific oral care needs. By providing patients with technology that will allow them to customize their brushing experience, in turn we're hoping to aid dental professionals in getting patients to develop better brushing habits," said Eric Grosgogat, vice president of marketing for Philips Sonicare.

Philips Sonicare is also the only brand to offer the first-ever integrated power toothbrush and UV Sanitizer. FlexCare is available with a built-in UV Sanitizer, which helps eliminate bacteria on toothbrush heads for hygienic use and peace of mind. The UV Sanitizer helps eliminate bacteria at the push of a button, producing a clean, hygienic brush in just 10 minutes.

Dental professionals interested trying FlexCare can contact Philips Sonicare at (800) 682-7664 for professional courtesy pricing.