Sterile exam gloves now available in singles

Sept. 14, 2007
Singles packaging brings inherent advantages to single-glove sterile exam procedures.

RED BANK, New Jersey--Ansell Limited, a leader in barrier protective healthcare products, has introduced singles packaging for its Micro-Touch NitraTex Sterile latex-free, powder-free nitrile examination gloves.

This new packaging configuration brings all the inherent advantages of the innovative Micro-Touch nitrile line to procedures (non-surgical) where only one sterile exam glove is required.

The introduction of NitraTex Sterile singles expands Ansell's portfolio of nitrile barrier protection products and confirms Ansell's commitment to provide innovative exam and surgical gloves to the evolving marketplace.

The newest addition to the Ansell family of premium quality nitrile examination gloves, the Micro-Touch NitraTex Sterile offers textured fingertips and an extended, 12-inch cuff, making it ideal for use in labor and delivery or in any non-surgical procedure where a single, latex-free sterile exam glove is required or preferred.

Wearers will experience a superb fit and feel, due to the high elasticity and memory of the glove. The glove also conforms to the shape of the wearer's hand allowing for better dexterity, a more comfortable and superior fit, less hand fatigue and superior barrier protection.

Ansell's industry-leading Micro-Touch nitrile family also includes Micro-Touch Nitrile, Micro-Touch Smooth Nitrile and Micro-Touch Nitrile E.P. exam gloves. Nitrile gloves are recommended as an alternative to natural rubber latex for conditions where high strength and chemical protection are required, and for individuals with latex allergies.

"With our Micro-Touch NitraTex Sterile nitrile exam gloves now available in more than just pairs, Ansell brings the quality and characteristics of nitrile to procedures requiring an individual sterile exam glove, including certain OB-GYN, general, veterinarian and other applications," said Heather Campbell, Ansell Healthcare Products LLC's Product Manager for Exams.

"Ansell's Micro-Touch NitraTex Sterile glove provides the utmost protection possible, combined with a latex-free composition that alleviates concerns about latex sensitivity, is powder-free and utilizes softer formulations for a more comfortable fit and feel."

This single-use sterile exam glove is made from 100 percent nitrile, which addresses Type 1 (latex-sensitive) allergy concerns--a growing concern for both patients and healthcare workers. The glove's nitrile film has excellent puncture and chemical resistance, providing additional material protection.

Since they are powder-free, the gloves protect healthcare staffs' skin from cornstarch-induced dryness and irritation while also protecting patients from infections, adhesions and other complications related to glove powder.

The gloves meet or exceed ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and FDA-QSR standards and comply with ASTM D6319, the standard specification for nitrile exam gloves. The gloves are gamma-sterilized to ensure sterility.

Available in small, medium and large sizes, Micro-Touch(r) NitraTex(r) Sterile is available in single or pairs, is ambidextrous and features a unique blue color that makes it easily identifiable as a nitrile glove.

Its standardized global packaging provides clear user information, color-coding for easy product identification and instant material and size recognition.

Nitrile singles will be available for ordering in October.

Information on Ansell and its products may be found at Ansell Healthcare or by calling (800) 952-9916.