Ceramic instruments provide for reduced vibrations

Sept. 18, 2007
Instruments allow dentists to work on bone with utmost sensitivity.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina--KOMET USA, a leader in the production of precision rotary instruments for the dental industry, has introduced its new CeraLine of ceramic instruments (CeraDrill and CeraBur).

These ceramic instruments allow dentists to work on bone with utmost sensitivity. Dentists can now perform implantology or jaw surgery using the CeraDrills and CeraBurs because of their ability to reduce vibrations, smooth handling and continuous substance removal.

CeraDrills are universal pilot drills for implantology. They are made of high efficiency ceramics and feature an excellent cutting performance. The multifunctional ceramic pilot drills (K210) are best suited for the initial preparation of the implant site axis and depth.

Its high initial sharpness and optimal cutting efficiency make it effective in achieving maximum material reduction. The special twist drill blade geometry ensures smooth and precise operation. The depth markings, which are lasered onto the working part in 2 mm intervals, guarantee precise and safe control of depth penetration.

Because CeraDrills are made of high efficiency ceramics, dentists can now use a bur without any metal guaranteeing a biocompatible and absolutely antiallergenic operation. Damages, as they occur in particular when disinfecting and cleaning steel burs with inappropriate agents, are now a thing of the past.

CeraBurs are ceramic bone cutters that feature a special toothing, guaranteeing conservative and minimally invasive cutting. Its special blade geometry offers dentists impressive advantages such as extraordinary initial sharpness and optimal cutting efficiency, allowing extremely effective material reduction.

The CeraBurs are suited for a wide range of applications in dental alveolar surgery. For restorations of edentulous ridges, it can be used in the removal of sharp bone edges. For osteotomy, it can be used when exposing impacted teeth and root amputations; however, CeraBurs are not recommended for cutting teeth.

For more information about KOMET USA and CeraLine of ceramic instruments, contact the company at (800) 208-1630 or via the Internet at KOMET USA.