Sensor uses Bluetooth technology for image transmission

Dec. 12, 2007
myray features a wireless intraoral digital X-ray sensor that is capable of image acquisition at minimal exposure dosage.

myray is a wireless intraoral digital sensor using Bluetooth technology for image transmission.

myray features a X-ray sensor, capable of image acquisition at minimal exposure dosage--among the lowest in the industry. This pocket-size handheld module is worn by the patient and is powered by rechargeable batteries. There are no wires to a computer, no power supply, no USB interface.

Instead, myray broadcasts the image to a small, inexpensive USB key, which plugs directly into any PC--desktop, laptop or tablet. This eliminates expensive and bulky USB control boxes and other types of receivers, considerably reducing the investment to share the system among multiple treatment rooms. One room to six rooms is the same price.

myray has a direct interface to Apteryx software including XVLite, XrayVision, Dr. Suni, XVa3, Lightyear, Cliniview as well as a TWAIN interface allowing use with all other existing digital X-ray systems and imaging software. This also means that you can use myray within a practice even if you already own other sensors. Save time and costs, and use your existing imaging software.

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