Product acts as handle for small dental objects

Dec. 18, 2007
Pick-n-Stics can be used to pick up and place crowns and veneers or other small items.

WATERTOWN, Massachusetts--Pulpdent Corporation's Pic-n-Stic is a novel product that consists of a two-inch long plastic stick with an adhesive pad on the end.

These disposable sticks act as small handles for picking up small objects that are difficult to manipulate. The original "handle for small objects" has numerous uses in dentistry.

Pic-n-Stics provide better control when manipulating small objects in the oral cavity, where maneuvering room is at a premium. They can be used to pick up and place crowns and veneers or any other small objects.

They are also ideal for handling gems or other dental embellishments. Once clinicians have used Pic-n-Stics, they wonder how they ever did without them.

Pic-n-Stics are available in boxes of 60, at a suggested retail price of $16.75. They can be purchased from most dental dealers.

Pic-n-Stic and many other innovative dental products are detailed in the 56-page Pulpdent catalog. The catalog also includes clinical studies, research results, independent evaluations, and clearly illustrated step-by-step procedure guides that support the product information. The catalog is printed in full color and is free.

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