Breakthrough product-testing method introduced

June 21, 2006
REALITY's Testing Arm measures speed and efficiency of diamond burs and handpieces.

HOUSTON--REALITY Publishing Company, a full-service information resource and product testing company for the dental community, has introduced a new product testing methodology for diamond burs and handpieces using the Testing Arm (Spectrum Systems, LLC).

This never-before-used method tests the speed, efficiency, and life of diamond burs andhandpieces.

Diamond burs and handpieces can maximize cutting speed during
dental preparations and can be very efficient during tedious operative
procedures. Until recently, information has not been readily available for a
detailed comparison of the various diamond burs.

"We are excited to blaze the trail on diamond bur testing," said Dr. Michael
Miller, Editor-in-Chief and President of REALITY Publishing Company. "We are posting the results to our web site to shorten the delivery time so that our members can benefit from this information just as soon as it becomes

Specific testing methods, developed by REALITY, compare and determine
such factors as the cutting efficiency and clogging tendencies of diamond
burs. The results will save dentists time and money, avoiding trial and error,
when determining which tools would best satisfy their purchasing criteria.

Seven different diamond burs were tested, including G-Force, Brasseler C&B,
Brasseler Duracut, Brasseler CRF, NTI Axis, ZIP!, BluWhite and Piranha.
Results determined that G-Force required the least amount of time to prepare a predetermined cavity, with BluWhite and ZIP! following closely as the second and third fastest products.

For the full evaluation of these products, members can access the 2006 Annual Edition Preview Section on REALITY's Web site at